Our referral process

We are very proud of the quality of care we offer, and as a result of this we can only cater for certain needs and accept referrals that are best suited to the services we provide. We have more detail about this on our service page. Sadly, we are unable to offer placements for children with physical disabilities or profound learning impairments at this time.

Next steps

We work hard to make our admission process as painless and transparent as possible for everyone involved. Please note this process may vary according to individual needs and timescales.

  • 1. The Placing Authority make contact With us

    It all starts by emailing a referral to referrals@tulipcare.co.uk. We start with a chat about the referral, the process, and what to expect along the way.

  • 2. A pre-placement assessment will take place

    If we feel the young person might be a good match for our home, the placing authority will be invited to complete our placement referral form along with any other supporting information.

  • 3. Our senior Team Review the information

    Our senior team will carefully review all the information – including the needs, behaviours, risks, and matching with other residents. We may also schedule a discussion with the social worker and a visit to meet the young person.

  • 4. A Formal Offer of a Placement is made

    Once assessments have been reviewed and we think we can meet the young person’s needs, then a formal offer of placement will be made to the placing authority.

  • 5. Placement planning & Preparation takes place

    Before admission, we carry out our risk assessments, case consultations and placement planning meetings. All relevant paperwork should be provided by the placing authority.

  • 6. Post placement assessment take places

    A post-placement assessment period takes place during the first six weeks placement. During this time, individual care plans and core outcomes are developed with the placing authority and relevant professionals.

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