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Our vision

For Tulipcare

We have one wish: that when our children remember their time with us they know without any uncertainty we did our very best for them - we believed in them, we empowered them, built their self-belief, and gave them the skills to fully flourish in the next chapter of their lives.

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When Sabiha founded TulipCare in 2008, she knew she wanted to change how looked-after children experienced residential care. A few years later, she met Chan who shared this vision and dedication to transforming the lives of children in care.

In the years since, we have created a safe place where children with past trauma and complex needs can take the time and space to heal and to fully flourish in the next chapter of their lives.

Our homes act as a stepping stone, where children can explore who they are and just as importantly who they want to become, building in confidence and emotional resilience for the journey ahead.


  • “Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.”

    Rita F. Pierson Professional Educator

Everything you
need to know

Who we are

About our team

We are a dedicated team of highly qualified therapeutic professionals working specifically with children in care, who offer holistic support and education. In partnership with placing authorities, social care, CAHMS, families, commissioners and stakeholders, we work hard building trust with children who have past trauma and social, emotional, and mental health difficulties, helping them to heal and achieve their full potential.

Helping children

It’s what we do

Three words define everything we do: care, education, and therapy. Working with trauma-informed and attachment-based principles, we provide guidance and emotional support for these young people to discover their emotional independence and flourish.

You feel a sense of safety and security when you walk into our homes. The children here value the nurturing, structured group-living environment. We combine therapeutic care with trauma-informed therapy, and therapeutic education to find the right approach for every child.

How we do it

and why it’s important

We know that regulating emotions and behaviour can be extremely challenging for a child who has experienced trauma – and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why our therapeutic approach concentrates on the needs of the individual. Our team encourage positive change and emotional resilience by helping children work towards forging lasting authentic relationships, informed by their past, while building on their future. For each child this means something different – so each therapeutic package is personalised, reviewed and reassessed by ourselves and the wider network over time.

In their own words. What the children have to say about their time with us

  • “I love it here, this is my home and this is my family!”

    Young person aged 11
  • “The home is the only place that has supported me and I feel safe here”

    Young person aged 14
  • “The carers and young people supported me and showed me security.”

    Young person aged 16
  • “TulipCare is amazing!”

    Young person aged 9

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