Healing pasts, restoring futures

We offer high-quality, child-centered therapeutic care and education for children with past trauma, emotional behavioural difficulties and other complex needs.

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Our mission

We have one goal – to create a safe and welcoming space where we can provide young females aged 7-18 with the highest level of care and education so they can succeed. We do this by combining therapeutic residential care with trauma-informed therapy and therapeutic education.

We develop bespoke therapeutic programmes for each and every child, which help them develop and embrace everyday experiences at home and in the classroom, building an emotional resilience that will aid them as they blossom into adulthood.

Our therapeutic approach helps children with their confidence, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing, so they are able to leave us stronger and more resilient to commence the next stage of their lives.

Our therapeutic focus

Everything we do is designed to make a positive impact on the lives of our young people. We achieve this by focusing on three key areas - therapeutic residential care, therapy and therapeutic education.

  • Therapeutic Care

    We provide nurturing, stable and homely environments for young females with complex needs. Making them feel safe and supported is our top priority. That’s why our dedicated therapeutic care team work so hard to build genuine relationships – supporting them to heal and achieve their potential, whilst allowing them the space to explore their thoughts, feelings and actions in a safe space.

  • Trauma-informed Therapy

    Our experiences, thoughts and behaviours shape us all. Therefore helping our children understand and manage theirs can help set them on a path to healing. That’s why, alongside therapeutic care, we offer specialist evidence-based therapeutic interventions in our homes, such as trauma-informed and attachment-based therapy, counselling, and CBT.

  • Therapeutic Education

    A therapeutic education is offered for our students with special educational needs. We adapt our learning to the needs of each of our children, using a holistic approach that embraces both the emotional and cognitive teaching, which encourages them to become more confident and curious about the world around them.

Recognition by others

  • “It has been a privilege to have worked with Sabiha and Chan at TulipCare over several years. I have seen first-hand the commitment of the leaders and staff to high quality care for children and the development of services to meet this essential need.

    The requirement for stability and security in children’s lives is central to the work TulipCare do, thereby providing opportunities to resolve past traumas and to develop a sense of permanence. This includes tailored education and specific plans to help each child in placement to move forward in their lives.”

    Martin Ayres Former HMI, Former Head of inspection for ISI, Ex Head of Children’s Services and Social Worker

Why work with us?

  • Female-centered care led by females

    Our female-only residential homes are designed to create a sense of safety and security for the children in our care. Allowing them to connect with their sense of self, whilst forging trusting and authentic relationships, enables them to develop, build important life skills and achieve their potential.

  • A philosophy that changes young lives

    Emotionally supporting and teaching a child who has experienced trauma demands a different way of thinking. That’s why, influenced by trauma-informed and attachment-based principles, we ensure that our environments are welcoming, nurturing and imbued with a real sense of safety for our children.

  • Working for a better tomorrow

    We don’t just care for our children, we care about them – today, tomorrow and further into their futures. That’s why we’ll stay up late talking through a past trauma, cheerlead when they need a confidence boost, encourage their moments of independent thinking and explore new ways to reignite their love of learning.

  • Dedicated to the needs of the child

    We founded TulipCare to create a different kind of home for children. Today, that knowledge and commitment still informs the way our incredibly caring, highly qualified team give 110% every day so that our children feel how much they are cared for.

  • Recognising & valuing our differences

    Every day we celebrate the beauty and diversity of our amazing team. This inspiring collection of individuals happily share their perspectives and life experiences with our children, acting as role models for this new generation, who need to navigate the social and cultural challenges ahead of them.

  • With you every step of the journey

    When a child's journey with us ends, we want the experience to feel positively transformational. We’ll be there, as they successfully reintegrate with their families, transition to foster care, move on to supported living, and achieve academic success.

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Kind Words

  • “It is the best placement she has been in. They understand her and genuinely care for her.”

  • “It is her second family and I know that she is safe.”

  • “The care and communication are excellent”.

  • “The home is lovely and the staff are wonderful and caring. A big thank you for all you have done.”