For the past fifteen wonderful years, we’ve been guiding children on their healing journey to prepare them for the rest of their lives. These are some of the people we’ve met and worked with along the way…

In their own words

“I have known the work of TulipCare shortly after it was set up. I very much admire the principles on which it was founded and the determination, resilience and love that sustains it. Tulip is an organisation that is true to its purpose. It is led by two outstanding people - a visionary proprietor who is steadfast, dedicated and brave, and a manager who is intuitive, knowledgeable, therapeutically talented, and an inspirational leader. In addition, Tulip has some brilliant long-standing workers and senior staff. They have done great work with many children who will carry their good experience at Tulip with them for the rest of their lives.”

John Burton Social Care Consultant & Author of The Handbook of Residential Care, Managing Residential Care, Leading Good Care

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank TulipCare for the years of support I have been given in my career particularly from Chan and Sabiha. It has been the most amazing learning experience and I greatly appreciate the flexibility and support I have been offered around various life events like having children and completing my masters. This has led to TulipCare feeling like a second family to me.

“The work that is done with the young children is in my opinion outstanding. It is a testament to the management team that a home is able to be provided where young people in very desperate situations are met with love, compassion, commitment, and care. My time at TulipCare has fostered a passion for working in care and I plan to continue to follow this through my Drama therapy.”

Alice Former Home Manager

“The LA have been working with TulipCare for several years.  They have always provided excellent care to the children which has resulted in positive outcomes.  Several of our children have either returned home to their family or have transitioned to either foster placement or semi-independence. It has been a pleasure working with TulipCare and I look forward to working with them in the future. Keep up the excellent work!”

Lindsey Placement Finding Manager

“Excellent leadership and management – good communication, strong advocate for the child and knows the child’s needs well and how these can be met.”

Emily Social Worker

The secret to our success...? Our people.

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